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Conditions of sale - Online auction

The Arenberg Collectables auction is an online only auction that runs exclusively on the platform of “Drouot Digital” ( In order to participate you need to register (identity and credit card).
The purchaser shall pay for the hammer price, in €, together with a premium of 30% (all costs, also those for the Drouot platform inclusive). Extra costs: packaging, shipping, insurance and bank transactions. Eventually in addition: the resale tax, if applicable: 4% of the hammer price from €2000 on, only for original art and if the artist died less than 70 years ago.

Bidding starts at the level “Starting Bid” mentioned with each lot description. The increase of bids (normally 10%) is automatically and digitally controlled by the platform. Each buyer by making a bid acknowledges the conditions of sale.

The lots are correctly described and lavishly illustrated on our website as on the Drouot platform and therefore there is no viewing. All the works are considered to be complete and in good condition unless explicitly stated otherwise. Lots with two or more titles, series or periodical, or lots with a mention “n.c.” and “sold w.a.f.” are not collated and cannot be returned. Under no circumstances can an item, once sold, be returned. Remarks or complaints, also concerning the authenticity of the items, should be formulated withing 2 weeks after the auction, and in case of shipping within 2 weeks after reception. After that delay no item can be returned. The possible return as a result of any defects that have not been mentioned is limited to a compensation equal to the minimum estimate.

Each buyer is supposed to buy for his own account and cannot claim any commission.
Lots purchased will not be delivered to the buyer until he has made payment in full of the total amount due. Extra costs for packaging (€20 / shipment), payment, insurance and/or mailing are at the buyer’s expense. Packing and handling is at the entire risk of the buyer. The auctioneer is not responsible for any accidents or faults or omissions by the postal or carries services.

All items must be paid in full within two weeks after receipt of the invoice. The auctioneer is not responsible for the lots if they are not paid, picked up of mailed within the prescribed period.
If a lot is not paid in full within 2 weeks, the auctioneer can charge an interest at 12% per year. If full payment has not been made after one month, the auctioneer can rescind the sale of the lot(s) at any other auction. All charges being at the expense of the defaulting buyer.
Moreover, all conditions, as stated above in Dutch are valid.

The Belgian law dated 15/08/2020 transposes European Directives 2018/843 and 2015/849; whose aim is to prevent the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering or the finance of terrorism. This law requires all players in the arts and antiques, including auction houses, to request information on the company statues or the identity of the ultimate beneficiary. These data remain exclusively  in the possession of the auction house, and will be processed in strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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